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2010-07-28 07:14:14 by Monako

Tellos, I'm Monako I've been playing games and watching short videos and animations on newgrounds for years but I've just recently made an account. I'm a huge fan of art games and I'm highly interested in the creativity of others. Not only do I have a newgrounds account I have accounts with many other websites such as Gaiaonline, DFO, Youtube and some others. Basically anyone with the name MonakoSM is likely me. I'd like to learn how to make my own flashs and what not but I don't know if I really have the experience to do anything so wonderful as of yet although your all more then welcomed to look at my favorites i believe you might enjoy them. Just as a side note, I'm also abit of a pixel artist I love working with pixels and I do try fairly hard to make some decent pieces I may upload some in the future.

Who I am


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2011-06-12 03:12:42

nice 3D affect to it it's weird but yet comforting. i like it alot

Monako responds:

Thank you very much!